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Hydraulic Valve
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Hand Lever Valve
Directional Valve are Used For Shifting oil flow Direction in Hydraulic Ciruit Sizes
Available - NG 06, NG 10, NG 16, NG 22 with Manually Operated for actuator.
Complettely /Encomplete mechanism for protection Against Direction.
Five Chamber Port for better reduction in good force and for better valve lift.
Available in Spring coutred, Spring Offset. And Dental Model Type.
Suitable for Any type of Mounting Position.
Opersting handle can be Moved By 90 degree.
valve Mounting Force are standards
with also threaded type for direct line Mounting
Technical Details.
Construction- Spool Type
Mounting - Subplate Type & threaded type.
Flow Direction - As Per Spool type.
Operating Pressure- fo portp, A & B- 315 Bar
Viscosity Range - 10CST To 380 CST
Fluid Temperature -20 to 70 degree.
Normal Flow Capacity 32 LPM
Max. Flow Capacity -100LPM.
These Valve Also Used For Shifting Oil Flow Direction of Hydraulic Circute for control of actuator starting & stopping as well as the operating Direction shiffiting pf actuator.in these case valve actuator by solenoid thru Electric currant Supply.